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AV Service Request Procedure

Audio Visual Service Request Procedure


The following Service procedure for repair of Dukane product has been developed to better service Dukane customers. The Service Request Form can be faxed or e-mailed directly to Dukane and may be used by Dukane dealers, service stations or customers who would simply like to initiate the repair process without the need of phoning Dukane.  Customers may also phone in a request for service at 1-800-676-2487.

  • Fill out Service Request Form
  • The information provided on the Service Request Form should be completed so that Dukane can properly follow up on the request. It will be necessary to include the name and phone number of the dealer, as well as the end-user of the product. The Dukane model number and serial should also be provided on the form. The form can then be faxed directly to the attention of the Dukane AV Service Department at 630-584-0984 or e-mailed to

  • Request Assigned to a Technician
  • Upon receipt, the "service request" will be assigned to a qualified Dukane technician who will contact the end-user of the product directly. Upon accurately identifying the problem, the technician will then take the appropriate action to remedy the problem. After the problem has been remedied and if requested, the technician will fax the Service Request Form back to the Dukane dealer with the description of the action taken to remedy the problem included.

  • Instructions mailed to customer for returning product
  • If the technician determines it is necessary for the product to be returned for repair, the customer will then be given the proper instructions for returning the product. Most products will be returned to the Dukane factory in St. Charles, Illinois for repair.

  • Repair will be performed if item is still under warranty
  • In the event that the product is to be returned for warranty repair, the customer will need to make the necessary arrangements for the return of the product to Dukane. Exceptions are; (1) if the product is DOA , dead on arrival, and (2) if the failure is within 90 days of the invoice date. Dukane reserves the right to choose method of return shipping.

  • Peace of Mind Loaner projector may be available
  • When it is necessary for LCD products to be returned to Dukane for repair, within the first year of the warranty and at the customer’s request, an equivalent Dukane LCD loaner projector will be sent to the customer within 24 hours. The customer may use the loaner projector, at no charge, while their projector is being repaired and if they so choose may keep the loaner projector in exchange for their original purchased projector.

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