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Mobile Presentation System (MPS)

The Dukane Mobile Presentation System (MPS) is the perfect audio visual solution for schools, training centers, or businesses that are looking for portable presentation technology which can be easily moved between a number of rooms.

From selections that are perfect to schools to options that can be used at your business, Dukane is proud to provide you with exceptional audio-visual equipment at a price that will fit your budget. Our business provides a wide array of technology carts, including these mobile presentation systems. With one of these systems, you can easily share audio-visual products like computers, projectors, and DVD players with anyone at your location!

The best part about these technology carts is that they feature locks on the shelving for complete security and worry-free storage. Furthermore, power strips are included so you can properly hook up all of the audio-visual equipment in your cart without having to worry about finding wall space for all of those plugs. When you are in the market for quality audio-visual products, you can rest assured that Dukane will have high-end selections for your business, university, training center, and other locations.