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Interactive Ultra Short Throw

Take your classroom experience to the next level when shopping for audio-visual projectors from Dukane. Not only do we have quality short throw projectors and other audio-visual products, our business offers interactive short throw projectors that include interactive pen, PC-less drawing, and multi-display interactive features that you won’t find from other projectors. Whether you are teaching an art class or just looking for something a bit more interactive for your classroom, this is a great option for presentations and lessons.

Our company specializes in providing high-end audio-visual products that are perfect for classrooms, churches, offices, and more. We always stay on the cutting edge of technology, offering items like these interactive short throw projectors and other intuitive items. Review the selections featured here and contact us to learn more about purchasing one of these excellent audio-visual projectors. We are prepared to provide you with unique solutions you won’t find from other brands.